An answer to a friend, who claims that the solution to mankind’s problems is “our primitive consciousness” and that “we should to people of higher consciousness”

N., you are just relocating ordinary submissiveness to authority to a “spiritual” level.

First of all, there’s no “we” (I am reminded of Osho, who used to say something like “there’s no humanity, only individual human beings”).

There are, however, different and antagonistic interests und purposes within a class society.

I know that you “spiritual” people hate to swallow this, but when all your talk of esotericism and “higher consciousness” is stripped naked, there’s nothing there to answer the simple, ordinary human beings who struggle to make a living in a world of abundant resources.

It is NOT because they don’t listen to some Gurus higher consciousness that living on a paradisiacal planet is a living hell for too many fellow human beings (and animals).

It is because they are being used for the enrichment of the ruling class, forced under the rule of wage labour and capitalist growth, in short: exploited.

No secrets around this.

Instead of belly-gazing and speculating about “primitive” and “higher” consciousness I’d rather recommand the consciousness of toppling an economic system which by its very principle (unlimited growth at the expense of the dispossessed classes) cannot supply a decent living for the majority of people.

THAT’s the consciousness which can be used for the creation of a planned economy controlled by the producers, where no esoteric ballyhoo is needed.